Saturday, September 22, 2018

Getting Ready for Group Investiture (Oct 21)

Welcome New Members!

Our next Group Investiture is on October 21, 2018. This is a very important ceremony as it only happens twice a year. New parents are welcome to attend the Investiture Ceremony. New members MUST have their uniform by Oct 21. 

Here is what you need to know before the investiture

Beavers (Age 5-7)
New Beavers must know the (1) Beaver Promise, (2) Law and (3) Salute, and (4) the opening and closing ceremonies.

Cubs (Age 8-10)
New Cubs needs to learn the following: 
(1) Explain the Cub Scout Promise and Law.
(2) Perform the Grand Howl with other Cub Scouts.
(3) Demonstrate the Cub Scout salute, handshake, and the Cub Scout motto.
(4) Read or listen to the story of Lord Baden-Powell.
(5) A brief Biography of Lord Baden-Powell

Scout (Ages 11-14)
Scouts need to complete the below requirements to qualify for Investiture:
(1) Know and understand the Scout Promise and Law.
(2) Know and understand the Scout Motto and Slogan.
(3) Know and understand the Scout Handshake, Salute and Sign, and the reasons Scouts use them.
(4) Participate in one Troop activity, preferably outdoors.
(5) Know the brief History of Scouting.