Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fwd: [FYI] Halloween Campfire Oct 26

Hello Parents!

We have an awesome turn out of 96 attendees for the campfire! On behalf of all 28th Scouters, I would like to thank all parents and youths for supporting us on this event!

Tonight's event:

Location:                       Woodwards Landing
Address:                       11551 Dyke Rd, Richmond, BC V7A 4X8

Arrival time:                  6:15pm @ Woodwards Landing (Campfire starts at 6:30pm)

Dismissal time:             8:15pm @ Woodwards Landing

Dress code:                   Full Uniform and Necker

Dress for the weather:   Rain is forecasted for Oct 26. Please ensure everyone attending has waterproof gear.

Equipment                    Bring flashlight as it gets fairly dark and bring a mug for mug up

Bring Cans:                   All cans will be donated to Richmond Food Bank

Parking:                        Parking is available along the Dyke Rd and at Haakon Industries beside Woodwards Landing. 

*Note: Limited parking space is available along the Dyke road. 

**Note: When parking at Haakon, please ensure that you print out the parking label (see attached: Haakon Parking Label) and display it on your dash board.

Drop off:                       Please make a drop off inside the Haakon Industries parking area or near Woodwards Landing entrance after you have safely parked your car.

Please listen to the directions of all onsite Traffic Controllers!

Please contact me if you have any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone at the campfire!

Thank you

Anthony Yan