Monday, May 30, 2016

Family Camp 2016

We'll be having our family camp in Camp Barnard, Victoria this year!  Camp Barnard is a beautiful campsite with hiking trails and a lake where we can do water activities.  It will be a lot of fun!

Camp notice can be found on our website:, under memo, folder 20150515.

Deadline to sign up is Jun 12.  
Parents must attend the information session on Jun 12.

I'm also looking for volunteers to create the menu for the weekend, and to help purchase food as well as cooking at camp.  Please let me know if you are interested.  Thank you!  

Membership Renewal (Early Bird Registration!)

Hi Parents and members,

We will be starting to accept early bird registration for Year 2016-17 starting this Sunday May 15.

Existing member to renew BEFORE Jun 30th is $240
Existing member to renew AFTER Jun 30th is $260

New member is $260 (they can start immediately).


1.  You can register through self-registration, from the Parents myscouts account by clicking on the RENEW button beside your child’s name and pay via credit card online.

2.  You can simply bring cash / cheque (payable to "Scouts Canada - 28th Richmond Scouts Group") to our front desk during regular meeting time at Spul'u'kwuk.